Amazon has become the world’s most trusted platform for online selling and buying. When it
comes to online shopping, customers mostly rely upon the images of the product to make their
final buying decision. If they don’t like your product images, they won’t even click on the product,
as simple as that. Listed below are four tips on how you can increase Amazon sales with e-
commerce photography.

1 .High-Quality Product Images

A picture is worth a thousand words, but only if that picture is of high quality! And, admit
it, not every one of us is blessed with the skills to take good quality photographs. So,
don’t think twice before investing in a professional photographer who is skilled in e-
commerce photography

A professional photographer can only tell you if the angle, lighting, focus point, or
background of the product image is professionally correct or not. Remember, the first
thing that the customer will notice is your product image, so it has to be best.

Many times, customers complain that they didn’t get the right product as the color of the
product was different from what they saw on Amazon. To avoid this, you have to ensure
that the color of your product doesn’t change on being clicked because of poor lighting.
So, talk to your photographer about it beforehand, to avoid any blunders later.

2. Follow Amazon’s Image Guidelines

Amazon has itself given image guidelines on its website for online retailers. So, before
starting the photoshoot for your products and also to boost Amazon sales for your
product, you must stick to Amazon’s image guidelines.

Amazon recommends using a standard format of images i.e. TIFF, JPEG, PNG, or GIF,
and a dimension of a minimum of 1000 pixels or larger in either width or height. The
background of the image must be pure white and must not contain any kind of additional
graphics or text. For more information, visit Amazon’s official website.

3. Connect With Customers

While taking pictures of your products, keep your customers in mind. For instance, if you
are selling school bags, include a photo of a smiling school-going boy or girl carrying

your school bag. This will help boost Amazon sales, as parents or children will be
attracted towards the happy face and are sure to click on the ‘buy’ button.

4. Focus on Main Image

The photo gallery of your product will have different images, showing the front view,
back view, inside view, etc. However, the most eye-catching image has to be the main
image, which is the first image of your product that the customer will see on Amazon.

This main image of your product must be so appealing to the customers, that they can’t
help but check out the other images to get to know more about the product. With e-
commerce photography, you can ask your photographer to get that perfect main image
for your product.

Final Words
So, now you know how to increase Amazon sales with e-commerce photography, why not
hire a professional e-commerce photographer? Trust us, their professional touch to your product
images will only help increase your sales. Give it a try!