Clickers Art

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📥 Deliverables

  • 2 x White Background Photos
  • 2 x Manipulated Lifestyle Photos
  • 1 x Pack Shots
  • 2 x Infographics
  • 1 x Product Comparison Image

📦 Product Guidelines

Product Size & Weight

Your product size must not exceed 50cm at its longest part. The maximum a size a product can be is 50cm in width, depth and height. The maximum weight of a single product is 10kg.

Well Packaged & Unused

Your product must be well packaged and padded well to avoid it being damaged in transit. Also, make sure you send new and unused products only.

Restricted Products
We do not accept products which contain alcohol, drugs, tobacco, adult images & pornography. We may not accept products which emphasize strong political or religious views.
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