As an e-commerce marketplace owner, one constant nightmare is the increase in return rates. If your business is struggling with the said problem, it is about time that you stage an intervention. To reduce your product return rate, you can employ several techniques that will help the customers to understand better about the product.

Improving the details in the description section, hiring a great product photography team, and paying more attention to the customer reviews are some great points to ponder. Making the return process seamless can also play a vital role in reducing product return rate.

Tactics To Reduce Your Product Return Rate

Below are some effective methods that have proven successful over the years with reducing high product return rate.

  • Better Return Policy

When you assure your customers that there will be no fuss in returning products, they will buy your products with more trust, as returning the said product is easy.

  • Improved Product Photography

This problem is a big downside and contributes heavily to increased product return rate. Choose a service that can represent your brand imagery perfectly so that there is no difference between the image on the website and the actual product.

  • Intricate Product Descriptions

Lack of detail about your product is an inconvenience for the customer. So, focus on enriching the details of the commodity to reduce your product return rate. You can try adding appealing content that demands your customers’ attention.

  • Pay Attention To Reviews

Consider the ratings and reviews provided by your customers on a product and figure out where the problem occurs. This is a great way to rectify your errors and increase the success of your products.

A few other techniques include:

  • Adding promotional video for the product
  • Displaying a well-detailed size chart wherever needed
  • Offering exchanges instead of returns

Final Words

To improve the quality of your product photography, consider hiring us- we at Clickers Art specialize in product photography that helps you to promote your products effectively. We have assisted several e-commerce sites in boosting their success rates with our quality services.

Returns are part of any online business venture, so don’t lose your hope when the rate of returns is spiking. Implement the above methods and find progressive results within a few months!