Wooden USB drive


799.00 699.00

Completely Handmade Wooden USB. A comfortable beautiful and pleasant to touch our wooden USB drive for storing photos will preserve your memories for a long time and will add warming to your house.

* 100% Teak wood
* Capacity 4GB
* USB 2.0



These handmade wood drive are carefully constructed, ensuring the connectors will stay safe during travel. Our custom engraved wood USB drives are the perfect way to share your photos. We provide you a beautiful Wood USB drive, It’s a great way to share memories from your special day with friends and family and a fun wedding favor that your guests will treasure for years to come.


* 100% Teak wood
* Polished with water resistant coating.
* Available in 8GB & 16GB

* Size : 2.3″ x 0.3″
* Handmade Item
* USB 2.0

All flash drives are formatted in FAT32 format by default.
Each piece may vary due to the nature of the teak wood, and that makes it unique.