Fstop – Photographer’s Tinder

Fstop is a new web app trying to build up a middle platform for photographers, models and all photography related professionals. Basically a matcher app that tries to find a match for a particular requirement: Model, Photographer, makeup artists, retouchers and stylists.

It is more like Tinder dating app that helps you find a person with your match, just the agenda here is different. Sign up, fill some data and taddaa !!

You will see a simple auto matched profile of another person. Below are some of the screenshots.

Click on the blue “√” and the app will come to know that you are interested to work with this person. Clicking on red “X” will discard the profile and the app will show you a new one.

Just like Tinder’s right- left swaps. Manual filters help you find better matches with options like age, sex, location, rates, height, hair colors etc. Even the app can tell you if a person has tattoos. Isn’t that awesome? Now, if there is a mutual match found then Fstop provides you a chat facility that helps you communicate with each other. You can fix a deal over the chat itself and its also provides payment options. It is not necessary to use that service though. Also there is an option for reviews where you can express your experience working with any particular.

Let’s see how the idea of connecting photography professionals to a single platform works. Sounds promising to me if you ask. Give it a shot : www.fstop.fm